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Home of Sri Lanka’s iconic stilt Fishermen.

A charming coastal town nestled along the southern shores of Sri Lanka, Weligama offers visitors a glimpse of the iconic stilt fishermen, a sight often set against the backdrop of a mesmerizing sunset. Perched atop slender poles, these fishermen skillfully navigate the waves to secure their modest catch, preserving a tradition passed down through generations.

Weligama is also famed for another picturesque landmark: Taprobane Island, also known as Count de Mauny Island, an enchanting islet accessible by a short journey across the sea during low tide. With its idyllic setting and rich cultural heritage, Weligama invites travelers to immerse themselves in its timeless beauty and captivating coastal charm.

Here are more details about Weligama:

Geographical Location: Weligama is a coastal town located in the Matara District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is situated approximately 30 kilometers east of the historic city of Galle and around 145 kilometers south of Colombo, the capital city. Weligama’s prime location along the southern coast makes it easily accessible by road from major cities and towns in the region.

Stilt Fishing: Weligama is renowned for its unique stilt fishing tradition, where local fishermen perch atop tall wooden poles anchored in the shallow waters along the coastline. This iconic sight has become synonymous with the town, attracting visitors from far and wide to witness the skilled fishermen casting their lines against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Stilt fishing is not only a traditional livelihood but also a cultural heritage passed down through generations, reflecting the deep connection between the community and the sea.

Taprobane Island: Another highlight of Weligama is Taprobane Island, also known as Count de Mauny Island. This small, privately-owned island is located just off the coast of Weligama and is accessible by foot during low tide or via a short boat ride. Taprobane Island is renowned for its picturesque setting, lush vegetation, and stunning views of the surrounding coastline. It is often frequented by travelers seeking a secluded retreat or a romantic getaway amidst tranquil surroundings.

Surfing and Water Sports: Weligama is a popular destination for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, thanks to its consistent waves and sandy beaches. Beginners and experienced surfers alike can enjoy riding the waves at Weligama Beach, which offers ideal conditions for learning and practicing. In addition to surfing, visitors can also try their hand at other water sports such as snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding, and jet skiing, making Weligama a hub for aquatic adventures.

Cultural Attractions: Beyond its natural beauty, Weligama boasts a rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The town is dotted with ancient temples, historic landmarks, and colonial-era buildings, offering insights into its storied past. Visitors can explore attractions such as the Weligama Bay Beach, Weligama Fish Market, and Weligama Lace Weaving Center to learn more about the town’s cultural traditions and local way of life.

Culinary Delights: Weligama is a paradise for food lovers, with a diverse array of dining options offering fresh seafood, traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, and international dishes. Visitors can savor delicious seafood curries, grilled fish, spicy rice dishes, and tropical fruits at beachside restaurants, cafes, and eateries lining the coastline. Weligama’s vibrant culinary scene reflects the town’s coastal charm and multicultural influences, providing a gastronomic experience to remember.

Overall, Weligama offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking sun, sea, and adventure on the stunning southern coast of Sri Lanka.

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