Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

We make sure that, your Cycling tour with us is an experience in itself and not just another peddling tour. In ensuring this we offer world class cycling trails covering, mountains, valleys, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, ancient cities, beaches and pristine remote villages. Furthermore this will be learning intervention to a 2500 year culture and an insight to a unique way of life in this land of discoveries.

Our unmatched service combines professionalism and the best knowledge of the wilderness in Sri Lanka ! Our own guides have the experience of running many tours with many professional tour leaders from all over the world.

They are constantly improving the trails where you would want to come back over and over again! They are well trained in First Aid / cycle repairs and our back up vehicle will carry spares and spare bikes for any emergency.

Green Holiday cycling trails are being spiced-up with many interesting activities like trekking / canoeing / Wildlife Safaris / Camping and many more nature and adventure related activates that you would love to be part of.