Kalpitiya Beach

Kalpitiya Beach

Getting there: Kalpitiya is located approximately 04 hours drive from Colombo right on the tip of a sandy peninsular between the Indian Ocean & the Lagoon. It is possible to take a public transport or rail is possible via Puttalm, but do check on time table as they tend to change, alternatively you could hire a private transport for about US$ 85/- US$100/-Destination is not commercialised yet so not many beach boys around disturb your solitude.

Somewhere to stay: Tourism in Kalpitiya is still in its infancy and finding star class accommodation is difficult though smaller properties offer luxurious comforts though you will also have to have deeper pockets than usual, but for the mere mortals who look for clean sheets, a decent meal with attach toilets with friendly staff then this is a good location.

Things to do: what Kalpitiya lacks in creature comfort it offers’s in do & see, starting from the Old Dutch fort guarding the entrance to the lagoon, to the snorkeling (US$ 120/- for 03 hours on bar reef with breakfast pack + US$ 03/- to US$05/- for gear per person) /diving into the drifting bar reef, kite surfing, dolphin excursions (US$ 100/- 2 – 3 hour excursion on open Ocean) and island hopping is on offer. Also it would cost approximately US$10/- per day to rent a bicycle and peddle around this scenic lagoon.

Make a note of: agree on price and extent of your service before hand on all excursions, unless you are a trained diver DO NOT venture into the depths alone, take a diving lesson from the local PADI station, all equipment are on hourly rates and watch out for rip tides and submerged rocks before leaping in. Kite surfers – wind at times can be gusty and difficult to handle. The people of the area are mostly Muslim and more conservative, be attired decently to avoid unwarranted attention.