Beruwela Beach

Beruwela Beach

Getting there: On public transport Beruwela is about 01 ½ hours away on A2 & train service available along the coastal track. Beruwela is mentioned in history as it was the main landing port for Adams peak bound pilgrimages. Beruwela, a little coastal fishing village turned tourist resort town situated approximately 47 kilometres from Colombo. Beruwela is well known for Sri Lankan tipple “toddy, holds its own against the more famous beaches further down the coast.

Where to stay: Many star class hotels are present along the beach, along with boutique style hotels and budget guest houses. Venturing inland you will find cheaper accommodation but it will take you away from the beach into the heart of the locals, best you find a stay close to the beach.

Things to do: The highlights are the Barberyn Island and reef along with the fishing harbour. Diving & snorkelling along the reef is the best way to spend your day rather than laze around, do be careful as rip tides are frequent, so keep to the sheltered areas of the reef. Day excursions to turtle hatchery, cycle around Beruwela and Bentota is 04 km away the capital for water sports in Sri Lanka.

Make a note of: Area is highly and expect beach boys, vendors to offer various services, if you don’t want a polite but a firm no will send them off. Kindly refrain from using drugs as they will land you in jail. Do not make false complains to claim insurance as it will be most severely dealt with by the Tourist Police.