Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach

Getting there: Bentota, a mere 45 minutes away from Colombo along the E1 express way is a premier resort town with ample chance of Sun, surf and sand. Public transport, air conditioned bus or rail is possible along the coastal line. Commercialised location with many touts and beach boys, while they are multilingual and harmless at best, keep them in check & if you take up on offer of service note that they will also receive a commission from it.

Accommodation: Bentota coasts no less than 15 Star class Hotels clustered together plus numerous other less than 10 rooms boutique style hotels. Also there are numerous bed and breakfast accommodation to fit any budget. During season the cost of lodging can vary due to demand, food will not be an issue at all as restaurant of many themes dot the beach front for miles in either direction.

Things to do: Bentota is the capital for water sports in Sri Lanka, giving a visitor an ideal chance to stay in one and savour many different above water activities, food and festivals organised for tourists. The hoteliers in the area actively promotes water sports from adrenaline filled speed boat and jet ski riding, wind surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, to a leisurely ride on a banana boat for the family & kids. If you are in Bentota or Beruwela, you absolutely must see the Barberyn reef which runs parallel to the golden beaches of these two cities, though walking is possible along this reef as at one point near Beruwela you can easily get on it, keep in mind that every step you take is destroying thousands of polyps who are the builders of this magnificent reef.

Riding up the “Benthatra river on a local lashed canoe or a power boat is exhilarating to say the least but in my opinion is more pleasurable if you use a local boat as it makes less noise so one could enjoy the serenity of the river without disturbing the fauna, avi-fauna and flora as your canoe rides up river.

“Lunuganga by the late famous architect of Sri Lanka, Jeffry Bawa and “The Brief are places where one should visit and meet the renowned landscaper Doolan Silva a gentleman and a friend, who owns the tropical garden house with a famous mural done by Australian artist John Friend.

When you are in Sri Lanka, never forget to indulge your taste buds with the local cuisine and if it’s a tad too hot, request your cookie to tone it done. Lobster, the lagoon crab (some of them grow to a kilo and a half) in the form of chilly crab, grilled bass, snapper or grouper along with hot and spicy prawn whether grilled or cooked the local way is a must try.

Note to travelers: Crowded as its the premier resort town on the western part of Sri Lanka, expensive unless you locate a budget accommodation little inland. Beach boys are numerous and so are the “services they offer, be vary of narcotics and any crimes against children, as they can land you in prison and held without charges in either offenses, without a formal hearing. Dress lightly, bikini’s are fine as long as they cover adequately and will keep away unwarranted attention. Nude or topless is taboo in Sri Lanka and you might be fined if caught. Bring Sun screen from your own country as for obvious reasons Sri Lanka doesn’t have or the ones are not the type you prefer.